Red Eye Rye

Red Eye Rye is a unique and versatile spirit born behind the bar in Nashville, Tennessee. Rye whiskey, 100% Arabica coffee from South America and granulated sugar are blended together to create a bold and complex spirit that is great on its own or mixed into a classic cocktail.  Roasted coffee, toasted hazelnut and pepper spice make up the nose of the spirit. On the palate Red Eye Rye starts with dark coffee turning into smooth vanilla and toasted nut flavor and finishing with a dry pepper spice mellowed slightly by a round sweetness. Red Eye Rye is free of caramel color, grain spirit, or any other fillers or additives. Bottled at 80 proof / 40% ABV and made with pure rye whiskey using a 95% rye and 5% malted barley mash bill.

750 ml ..... $29.99

Small Batch Select will be non-chill filtered and bottled at a 104 proof.  On the nose, Four Roses Small Batch Select offers raspberries, clove and nutmeg. As it hits the palate, it opens into flavors of apricot, ripe berries, vanilla and light oak. The finish lingers with notes of spearmint and a touch of cinnamon. Each of the Bourbons selected for Small Batch Select have been aged for six and seven years. We look forward to sharing those Bourbon recipes, and more details, with you in the coming months.

Four Roses Small Batch Select

750 ml ..... $54.99

Grand Marnier Louis Alexandre

Grand Marnier's special edition Cuvée Louis Alexandre was created in honor of the founder of the house Marnier Lapostolle, the producer of the world's famous Grand Marnier liqueur cognac. 

Louis-Alexandre is an exclusive blend of fine old cognacs from the region's best production areas with essence of wild exotic oranges. An intense and less sweet taste, for a contemporary experience of the warmth of GRAND MARNIER® liqueur.

Infused Cinnamon Apple Vodka

"Double Gold & Best-In-Show 'Flavored' Vodka 2014"

- San Francisco World Spirits Comp
"A whiskey-brown spirit with numerous apple slices floating at the top of the bottle. The nose is pure apple, with touches of cinnamon, just like grandma used to bake. Smooth as silk on the body — the vodka is really only evident on the finish, as the sweet, dessert-like character of the product takes center stage... a fun change of pace to be sure." 'A' Rated Vodka.
-Christopher Null,

Infused Peach Vodka

A wave of fresh peaches caress your nostrils from the moment you uncork the bottle. No fake peach flavoring here: instead you'll find a familiar, pleasantly sweet, true-peach scent.

Perhaps because the vodka is made from a corn base, the bright tawny liquid is reminiscent of peach-flavored Bourbon: it has a boozy presence, and a long finish that hints at vanilla and bruised peaches.

750 ml ..... $59.99

750 ml ..... $19.99

750 ml ..... $19.99

Redbreast Lustau Edition

750 ml ..... $69.99

Redbreast Lustau Edition is initially matured in traditional bourbon and sherry casks for a period of 9-12 years. It is then finished for 1 additional year in first fill hand selected sherry butts that have been seasoned with the finest Oloroso sherry from the prestigious Bodegas Lustau in Jerez, Spain.

Taste: Creamy Pot Still with Redbreast spices balanced with richness of sherry finish and contribution of fresh Spanish oak.

James Pepper Rye

750 ml ..... $30.99

  • 100 Proof - Not Chill-Filtered - Over 90% Rye in the Mash Bill

  • Complex & Flavorful; notes of mint, cloves, eucalyptus, chocolate, & honey

  • Our most popular whiskey; a great sipper neat or on the rocks; also makes the perfect Old Fashioned of Manhattan

  • "Made one of the best Old Fashioneds I’ve ever had" - (

James Pepper Bourbon

750 ml ..... $30.99

  • 100 Proof - Not Chill-Filtered - Over 38% Rye in the Mash Bill

  • Rich Bourbon Sweetness & Rye Spice; vanilla, honey, cloves, & chocolate

  • Neat, over ice, or in a proper Old Fashioned, this whiskey rocks

The Macallan Amber

Celebrating a moment in time

750 ml ..... $79.99


Polite, almost apologetic at first, with a floral, citrus sweet nose that gains presence, commanding a chorus of vanilla notes over freshly harvested grain. Raisin, sultana and cinnamon look on as toffee apples and candy floss step into the limelight.


Fresh green apples and lemons mingle with cinnamon. Ginger notes hover as fruit takes over, with subtle oak lingering in the wings.


Light to medium with soft fruits and cereal, slightly dry.

The Macallan Edition No. 2

Four extraordinary characters, one exceptional single malt


Treacle, ginger, toffee apples and rich fruits. Layers of vanilla open into tropical fruits and subtle green wood.


Warm with spice as cracked black pepper and cloves join with hints of chocolate, brown sugar, oak and nuts. Finally, liquorice and brandy snaps come through.


Full, slow, warm and wonderfully viscous.

750 ml ..... $99.99

Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash

750 ml ..... $12.99

Limited Edition! The latest rum bottle from The Captain is bursting with juicy watermelon flavor. So flavorful, even the pack is scented! Simply enjoy as a chilled shot for instantly delicious fun or create a refreshing spritzer by mixing with club soda and a lemon garnish.

Colorado High Vodka

Colorado High is a super-clean, easy-drinking vodka that delivers a luxurious mouthfeel from the natural oiliness of the hemp. There’s no need to brace yourself for the typical vodka bite, because it’s a mellow spirit that goes down smooth. And the finish is just as nice, with the natural hemp adding subtle sweetness and nuttiness.

750 ml ..... $21.99

Rattlesnake Rosie's Apple Pie

Iron Smoke Distillery's original and award winning Rattlesnake Rosie's “Forbidden Apple Pie” whiskey recipe. Made with Iron Smoke's very own artisan handcrafted corn whiskey and upstate New York apple cider, cinnamon, vanilla and brown sugar.

It has fresh from the oven, sweet apple pie flavor. Seventy proof has never been so smooth and delicious. One liter of goodness with a bite. 

Winner in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition as well as 8 Awards in 2016!

1 liter ..... $27.99

Iron Smoke Bourbon

Using a unique process of smoking their hand selected grains by apple wood before distillation which gives this whiskey its unique and unforgettable character. Iron Smoke is sweet to the nose with a unique smooth full-bodied flavor with the rich deepness of oak throughout the pallet and a subtle warm apple wood smoke finish.

750 ml ..... $39.99

Malibu Lime Rum

Just in Lime for the summer! New Malibu Lime has a bold and juicy taste with a fresh lime finish, perfect with any mixer and any occasion. Give your celebration an extra twist with new Malibu Lime!

750 ml ..... $11.99

1.75 l ..... $19.99

Calumet Bourbon

Bottled from hand selected barrels, Calumet has a customary mash bill of corn, rye and malted barley that offers a sweet, flawless finish. Glowing with butterscotch and soft oak, Calumet’s harmonious perfection of wood and caramel is admirably balanced with complex flavors of light brown sugar and soft white pepper.

750 ml ..... $48.99

Caorunn Scottish Gin

Carefully handcrafted in the Scottish Highlands, Caorunn expertly infuses five locally foraged gin botanicals. Artisanal and small batch, beautifully mixing the rugged charm of Speyside with the urban sophistication of modern Scotland. Caorunn is traditionally served with cool fizzing tonic and slices of red apple to highlight its aromatic flavour profile.

750 ml ..... $29.99

Jameson Caskmates IPA Whiskey

This IPA Caskmates is the second edition of this line of whiskeys aged in former beer casks. This one features an Irish India pale ale from Franciscan Well Brewery in Cork, Ireland. The brewery ages their beer in former Jameson whiskey casks then sends these barrels back to Jameson. These beer barrels are used to finish aging the whiskey. Hops and light citrus with sweet herbal notes and delicate spicy tones.The lingering fresh fruit and hops give way to grains of barley and a signature smooth finish.

750 ml ..... $29.99

3 Kilos Vodka

Crafting Ultra Premium 3 Kilos Vodka begins with the delicate hand selection of the finest European golden wheat.

Upon gathering the harvest, the wheat is transported to the historic city of Schiedam in the south of Holland, where it is then fermented and purified by the perfected centuries old five column distillation process. Our raw high proof grain spirit is polished off by blending with exceptionally pure water treated through reverse osmosis pressurized technology removing all traces of impurities.

750 ml ..... $39.99

Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey

Uncle Nearest 1856 has a caramel color with a beautiful deep golden hue. Baled hay and pumpkin seeds on the nose with subtle notes of ripe stone fruit and caramel corn. Bold and spicy upfront then mellows with sweet caramel and maple, like biting into an oatmeal raisin cookie. The finish is long and rich. It lingers pleasantly sweet on the palate with notes of vanilla after the spice dissipates.

750 ml ..... $54.99

Empress 1908 Gin

Handcrafted by Victoria Distillers, Empress 1908 Indigo Gin marries crystalline Canadian waters with eight organic botanicals: juniper, rose, coriander seed, grapefruit peel, ginger root, cinnamon bark and the Fairmont Empress tea blend. Its trademark hue is imbued by the infusion of butterfly pea blossoms. ‘True to its origin’ botanical sourcing and Fair Trade grains enhance Empress 1908 with a sustaining purity.

750 ml .... $39.99

Heaven Hill Tasting Experience

Come grab an American whiskey tasting experience from Heaven Hill, including 5 great brands. Kit includes (1) 100ml glass tube of each of the following:

Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey

Larceny Bourbon

Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon

Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon

Pikesville Straight Rye Whiskey

500ml Kit .... $39.99

Stolichnaya Gold

This Alpha spirit is filtered through shungite, a rare carbon found only in northwest Russia. Shungite has hollow spherical molecules, allowing it to absorb every impurity without disrupting the mineral balance. Our evolving vodka is then filtered through coils of gold thread. Valued for millennia for its warmth and lustre, gold as a filter for vodka subtly amplifies the depth, enhances the softness and harmonizes the emerging liquid.

750 ml ..... $29.99

Burning Chair Whiskey

Intense and expressive, this is the first release of Dave Phinney’s highly anticipated four year-old Bourbon, uniquely finished in wine barrels from Dave’s Napa Valley Cabernet projects. Aromatically intriguing with brown sugar, caramel, butterscotch and toasty oak. The palate is smooth and lush with loads of vanilla bean, baking spices, maple and baked apples. The finish is long and exciting, begging for another sip.

750 ml ..... $53.99